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Reminder: Two More Weeks

This is a reminder that your fics must be handed in May 5th, which is in two weeks...

So how is everybody doing? Are you all busy working on your prompts? :D

Also another reminder: if you have to drop out for whatever reason, please let me know now or as soon as possible. Thank you :-)

Update: Prompts Are Sent!

All prompts have just been sent out--have fun everybody and remember, you need to be done by May 5th! Whee!

A few things while we're on it:

#1 Has everybody received an email with a prompt? If not, please contact me immediately.

#2 Could you please cross-check the username and the prompts you were given in your email with the usernames and prompts here? Just to make sure that my copy&paste-skills didn't fail me at some point... If it seems to be wonky (as in, username and prompts don't match), please let me know!

#3 I've tried my best to match your prompts, however it has happened before that I accidentally read "Things I Don't Write" for "Things I Like To Write" and matched prompts that were not doable for the author. If that has happened again and you've received prompts that you under no circumstance can write into fanfiction, please let me know ASAP so that we can arrange something. If we need to swap around prompts (and I hope that doesn't happen) we should do it BEFORE people have started working on them.

Questions? Comments?

Have fun! :D

Sign-Ups Closed!

Sign-Ups are now closed! I'll be sending out prompts within the next few days :-)

Reminder: Sign-Ups end today!

This is a reminder that sign-ups end today. If you haven't signed up yet and would like to (I know you do ;-) ), leave a comment here.

Round #2 - Info, Rules & Sign-Ups

Since this year the ficathon is held on a less short notice, the rules have been slightly altered, though the idea behind it has remained the same. Fic-exchange in person. Whee! :-)


Just as last year, The ASYLUM FICATHON is based on the "Secret Santa" idea. You sign up here with your name and three to five prompts and a fellow fan, who's been assigned to you, picks one prompt and writes it into fanfiction. In return, you write someone else's prompt.

As far as the idea is concerned, the ASYLUM FICATHON doesn't differ much from other ficathons. Except the participants meet up at the convention and exchange their fic in person. Which, as it turned out last year, was fantastic.

For those not attending but curious, there is the chance for the participants to post their fics to this community after the ASYLUM convention so everyone can read them.


#1 I can't stress this enough: please ONLY SIGN UP IF YOU'RE ATTENDING THE ASYLUM CONVENTION 2008 IN BIRMINGHAM. The idea behind the ficathon is to exchange fanfiction in person which is kind of hard if you're not attending.

Also, you should be certain you can actually finish the fic until the convention.

#2 If, for whatever reason, you should not be able to finish the fic in time (last year has shown that sometimes real life just strikes too had) please let me know immediately so we can figure something out. (Remember, if you don't write your prompt, someone will be left without a fanfic to receive...)

#3 Please DON'T include spoilers for episodes that haven't aired in the US yet.

#4 All fics must be GEN. Yes I know there's loads of Wincest lovers out there, but do bear in mind it squicks some people, and deciding on just writing Gen makes it easier to match your prompts. And I guess it's easier to read the Wincest into Gen than to read the Gen into Wincest... And while we're at it, please keep it to Supernatural, not Real Person Fiction. I think it's the easiest way to keep everybody happy...

#5 ALL fics must be sent to legoline [at] livejournal [dot] com by MAY 5TH, 8PM CET (MONDAY). I'll try to print and bring the fics to ASYLUM, in case someone should forget their fic.

#6 Please aim for a minimum length of 1,000 words for your fic. You've got almost two months, once sign-ups end, so that should be do-able. Also, please spell-check your fic or even better, have someone beta it.


Sign-Ups start on SATURDAY, MARCH 1ST and end MONDAY, MARCH 10TH at 23:59h CET/ 11:59PM CET

Please sign-up by including the following information in a comment to this post:

Things I'd rather not write:
Things I like to write:
Three To Five Prompts:

The assignements will be mailed out by FRIDAY, MARCH 14th latest, possibly earlier if I can make it.

Most likely, the actual exchange will take place on Saturday after the last panel has finised, like last year in Coventry. But I'll get back to you on that as the con draws nearer :-)

Questions? If not, then what are you waiting for? Sign up! :)
(You! Yes, you! Remember this community? Shocked to see it pop up on your flist? Don't be afraid, you once joined this community, last April to be precise. Honest :-) )

I've been asked whether we'll be doing the ficathon again this year--and my answer is a definite YES, if you're game for it.

So, are you? :-)

Sign-ups will open March 1st, so this Saturday (and coincidentely Jensen's birthday, as I've just realised *facepalm*). Two entire months before the con!

So, plenty of time to write, in comparison to last year :D

Fic: And Give Us Each Day Our Daily Coffee

Title: And Give Us Each Day Our Daily Coffee
To: bittersweet_art
Prompts: - For some reason (maybe supernatural, maybe it's Sam's fault) Dean didn't get his breakfast coffee and it turns him into a cranky bitch.
- One more time Sam and Dean got to use their priest costumes.
Words: 2073
Spoilers: Everything up to 2nd season. The story takes place after Heart, but before Hollywood Babylon
Rating: T
Warnings: language

Cranky Dean

Fic: Facing Fears

Title: Facing Fears
Rating: PG13
Pairing/Characters: Sam and Dean, pairing-free.
Notes: ~2,000 words. Written for korppisusi.
Disclaimers: Not mine, making no money.
Summary: korppisusi's prompt was "hunt when the boys end up in a plane full of clowns going to clown-a-con." I hope I did it justice!

“I can't believe you actually persuaded me to get on another one of these things.”

Asylum_spnfics gen fic - Roadkill Revenge

TITLE: Roadkill Revenge
AUTHOR: eloise_bright
RATING: PG13 (gen)
CHARACTERS: Dean and Sam
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Only playing.
PROMPT: written for glorfinniel. The boys having to stay not in a motel but in a TENT for a night while on a hunt and how the pair feel about their accommodation.
NOTES: 1600 words. Set after Ep. 2.12-Nightshifter, but with no particular spoilers. Many thanks to yasminke and krazykipper for their sterling beta-work.

"Dude." Sam curls his lip in disgust, then aims a lightly toasted marshmallow at Dean’s face