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Just a Heads-Up.

It was brought to my attention (thank you, morgandawn that apparently this account may be considered as dead, and therefore be purged by LJ. I'm not exactly sure about the matter--haven't managed to read up on LJ's new rules so far and I'll be gone for the weekend--so I'm not sure if this post will account for "reviving" this LJ and saving it from being purged or not.

In case it doesn't this is just the heads-up that maybe you should save your fics and comments if you want since, like I said, I won't be online for the next couple of days and I'm not sure about what's going to happen to this LJ. Boo RL.


Things that just amaze me so

Title Things that just amaze me so
Rating Gen
Characters John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Summary John Winchester takes his young sons shopping for clothes... but wee!Sammy gets bored... and makes an interesting discovery among the bric-a-brac... a discovery that grants wishes!

A/NThis was written from a prompt given by eloise_bright I'm sorry this is so incredibly late appearing here, I hope you got to see it at Asylum (I got waylaid and coudln't make the meet).

Fic here at my fic journal
Title: The Worcester Brothers: Revealed
Rating: G
Pairing/Characters: Martin Flagg (The writer from Hollywood Babylon). The Winchesters are most certainly not in any way mentioned. Not at all, not even hinted at. Martin Flagg came up with this idea all by himself and is not basing his characters on real people, because that would be bad.
Notes: ~1,070 words. Written for elle_dritch.
Disclaimers: Not mine, making no money.
Summary:Our own mysterious reporter, Unhobbity Hobbit, talks to screenwriter, Martin Flagg, about his upcoming feature 'The Worcester Brothers'.

Until recently...

Pre-series fic - In God's Eyes - PG13 gen

TITLE: In God’s Eyes
AUTHOR: eloise_bright
RATING: PG13 gen
CHARACTERS: John, Dean, Sam and Bobby
DISCLAIMER: Not my boys
NOTES: 1640 words. Written for whiskyinmind's prompt: Dean gets the Impala. How? Beta magic worked by yasminke. Title and quote from ‘Rusty Cage’ by Chris Cornell – as sung by Cash.

Like the kid needed more ammo for his already well-stocked arsenal of 'why my life sucks out loud.'

Fic: Five Times Sam Cried at Christmas

Title: Five Times Sam Cried at Christmas
Author: peaches
Rating: PG
Written for: teaatsix at asylum_spnfics
Prompts: "Wee!chesters christmas" and "Sam and Dean's first christmas after the deal"
Summary: "But this is..." Sam sighed deeply. "Look, Christmas isn't exactly the season to be jolly for me, you know?"
Beta Readers: metalnurse and khana.
Pictures: khana.
Note: Oh, yes, I do write Christmas fic in May. I'm HARDCORE! :D

( Five Times Sam Cried at Christmas )

Asylum Con - Aftermath & Posting Fics

Thank you everyone for participating! :-)

Unfortunately three people did not show up to collect the fanfics that were written for them, but then things went a bit out of hand with eveything running late and Jim Beaver signing even after the group shot. Anyway, thank you everyone!

If you want, you can start posting your fanfics now :-) Either directly to the comm or to your LJ, in which case it'd be lovely if you could post a link to your fanfics to asylum_spnfics :-)

Again, thanks for taking part in this.

Also, when you post please tag your post with "fic: asylum 2008". Thank you :-)

Deadline is today!

Okay, the day has come. All stories must be sent in by today. This is not a drill, guys. By tonight, I want my inbox to be swamped with stories.

If you have NOT managed to write the fic you were prompted to write, now would be the time to let me know.


I don't think there's a schedule at the Rogue Events website up considering which panels etc. are when. So we will handle it the way we did last year, which worked very well.

On SATURDAY, after the last panel/autograph session/photo op is done (basically when there are no more things on the schedule left to do, not counting evening program like the concerts), we will meet in the hotel lobby to exchange the fanfic in person.

If you want, you can leave a comment with your mobile number so that if unforseen things should happen, I can contact you. Comments will be screened.

I have already received stories from (will keep list updated):


Reminder II: One More Week

Just letting you know, guys, that all fics must be sent in by next Monday--that's only one more week.

Hope you're all busy or finished with writing :-)

(That said, if you're already finished with your fic you can send it in anytime. It needs to be here by Monday latest)

Reminder: Two More Weeks

This is a reminder that your fics must be handed in May 5th, which is in two weeks...

So how is everybody doing? Are you all busy working on your prompts? :D

Also another reminder: if you have to drop out for whatever reason, please let me know now or as soon as possible. Thank you :-)

Update: Prompts Are Sent!

All prompts have just been sent out--have fun everybody and remember, you need to be done by May 5th! Whee!

A few things while we're on it:

#1 Has everybody received an email with a prompt? If not, please contact me immediately.

#2 Could you please cross-check the username and the prompts you were given in your email with the usernames and prompts here? Just to make sure that my copy&paste-skills didn't fail me at some point... If it seems to be wonky (as in, username and prompts don't match), please let me know!

#3 I've tried my best to match your prompts, however it has happened before that I accidentally read "Things I Don't Write" for "Things I Like To Write" and matched prompts that were not doable for the author. If that has happened again and you've received prompts that you under no circumstance can write into fanfiction, please let me know ASAP so that we can arrange something. If we need to swap around prompts (and I hope that doesn't happen) we should do it BEFORE people have started working on them.

Questions? Comments?

Have fun! :D